Clean Water

Serving the Water Industry


Our expertise in the water industry is wide-ranging and our software controls the processes in many water treatment plants throughout the UK, whether provided direct to the water company, or as part of integrated systems supplied by the major process design companies.


Clean Water Processes:

  • Dissolved air floatation (DAF)
  • Chemical dosing
  • Rapid gravity filters (RGF)
  • Granular activated carbon (GAC) filters
  • Chlorine and ozone dosing
  • Dirty wash water systems
  • Membrane systems

Major projects Include:

  • Membrane plants for Scottish Water including Pre-treatment, membrane sequences including Clean Inplace and Chemically Enhanced backwashes, pH, Chlorine Control
  • Manganese removal using second stage filters
  • Major upgrade of two large water treatment works for South Staffordshire Water. The plants were kept operational while the old Gem80 control system was replaced with a new Contrologic system.
  • Investigation and design of several water treatment plants in Iraq including a 4 week site visit.

Iraq Project

We were involved with the design and specification for the rehabilitation of 6 water treatment plants in Iraq and the design of new facilities.

The project included site visits for two of our engineers to survey the existing water treatment plants and design and specify control system and electrical upgrade requirements in and around Baghdad, Mosul and Tikrit.