Energy From Waste and Renewables

We have many years of experience in the energy from waste projects.

We have been involved in a number of Bagasse Incinerator projects (waste product from Sugar Cane Processing) 


Bagasse Incinerator in Sudan

Designed and commissioned a Honeywell and Wonderware Intouch system for monitoring the boilers and energy systems on a large Sugar Processing plant in Sudan. The project included commissioning and training on site.


Bagasse Incinerator in Uganda

We provided a complete control system for the Bagasse Incinerator for a Sugar Processing Plant in Uganda. The process included the fuel feed control, incinerator control and boiler system. The Boiler was rated at 50t per hour of steam to feed a Steam Turbine. The control system was based on a PCS7 solution including dual redundant Controllers and Servers with multiple workstations.


Sludge Waste Incinerator

We have made extensive control system modifications and re commissioned the Waste Incinerator Plant in Belfast. The control system is based on a Siemens PCS7 system including multiple dual redundant controllers, dual redundant servers and dual redundant safety system. Our scope including modifications and enhancement to the control system and re-commissioning the system after the incinerator had been shut down for 12 months. We also provided documentation and training to the operators to enable them to successfully run the plant.


Gasification System

We have provided the control system for a gasification process used to process syn gas to feed a 2MW generator. The control system has been developed to meet the challenging requirements of this new process. The control system is based on a Rockwell Controllogix controller configured in a dual redundant arrangement. The system includes Intrinsically Safe (IS)  instrumentation and IS Flex input/output modules. The Operator Interface is provided by a Factory Talk SCADA system.